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711.5 Transportation of Nonresident and Nonpublic School Students

The board or board’s designee has sole discretion to determine the method to be utilized for transporting nonresident and nonpublic students.  Nonresident students paying tuition may be, and resident students attending a nonpublic school accredited by the State Department of Education, will be transported on an established public school vehicle route as long as such transportation does not interfere with resident public students' transportation.  Nonresident and nonpublic school students will obtain the permission of the superintendent prior to being transported by the school district.


Nonresident and nonpublic school students are subject to the same conduct regulations as resident public students as prescribed by board policy, and to other policies, rules, or regulations developed by the school district regarding transportation of students by the school district.



Date Board Adopted: 7/21/2003

Date Board Updated/Reviewed: 2/21/2018



Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 285.1-.2, .10, .16 (2013).