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903.2 Community Resource Persons and Volunteers

The board recognizes the valuable resource it has in the members of the school district community.  When possible and in concert with the education program, members of the school district community may be asked to make presentations to the students or to assist employees in duties other than teaching.  The school district may officially recognize the contributions made by volunteers.


Recruitment, training, utilization, and the maintenance of records for the purposes of insurance coverage and/or recognition of school district volunteers is the responsibility of school administration.


Volunteers within the district are held to the same high standards of behaviors as school employees and will be subject to background checks, based on their interaction with students, prior to interacting with students in a volunteer capacity. It is the responsibility of school administration to create regulations necessary to carry out this policy.


Date Board Adopted: 9/15/1986

Date Board Updated/Reviewed: 03/21/2022



Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 670.