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402.6 Employee Outside Employment

The board believes the primary responsibility of employees is to the duties of their position within the school district as outlined in their job description.  The board considers an employee's duties as part of a regular, full-time position as full-time employment.  The board expects such employees to give the responsibilities of their positions in the school district precedence over any other employment.


It is the responsibility of the superintendent to counsel employees, whether full-time or part-time, if, in the judgment of the superintendent and the employee's immediate supervisor, the employee's outside employment interferes with the performance of the employee's duties required in the employee's position within the school district.


The board may request the employee to cease the outside employment as a condition of continued employment with the school district.


Date Board Adopted: 7/17/2000

Date Board Updated/Reviewed: 12/18/2017


Legal Reference: Iowa Code §§ 20.7; 279.8 (2013).