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200.1 R1 Organizational Meeting Procedures

The board will hold its organizational meeting in odd-numbered years at the first regular meeting following the canvass of votes.  Notice of the meeting's place and time will be given by the board secretary to each member, member-elect and the public.


The purpose of the meeting is to transfer material and responsibility from the outgoing board to the new board.  At the meeting, the board will elect a president and a vice president who will hold office for one year.  Once elected, the president and vice president will be entitled to vote on all matters before the board.


Meeting Procedure


The organizational meeting of the board will be held in two parts:  the final meeting of the outgoing board and the organizational meeting of the new board.


1.     Final Meeting of the Retiring Board


        (1)     Call to order.

        (2)     Roll call.

        (3)     Guests and Correspondence

        (4)     Consent Items (Agenda, Minutes, Bills and Financial Reports).

        (5)     Personnel (Appointments and Resignations).

        (6)     Review of election results.  The board secretary will present the county auditor's official report on the latest elections.  Official results are recorded in the minutes.

        (7)     Treasurer’s Report for past year.

        (8)     Adjournment of the retiring board.


2.     Organizational Meeting of the New Board


        (1)     Board Secretary as president pro-tem, will preside over the meeting until a new board president is elected.

        (2)     Call to order.

        (3)     Roll call.

        (4)     Oath of office.  The board secretary will administer the oath to new members.

        (5)     Election of a president of the board.  The president pro-tem calls for nominations; nominations need not be seconded.  The board will then vote on the nominations.  The secretary will announce the result of the vote, and the Board Secretary administer the oath of office to the newly elected president and the newly elected president will assume the chair.

        (6)     Election of the vice-president.  The president of the board will call for nominations; the nominations need not be seconded.  The board will then vote on the nominations.  The president will announce the results and administer the oath of office to the vice-president.


Other items of business at the organizational meeting may include:


        (7)     Statutory Appointments.

        (8)     Superintendent's report.

        (9)     Adjournment.


Date Board Adopted  1/16/2017

Date Board Updated and/or Reviewed 10/16/2017



Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 274.2; 275.23A; 277; 281 I.A.C 12.3.