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409.1 Employee Vacation Holidays Personal Leave

The board will determine the amount of vacation, holidays, and personal leave that will be allowed on an annual basis for licensed employees and it will be outlined in the employee handbook and/or collective bargaining agreement.


Support staff employees will be paid only for the hours they would have been scheduled for the day. 


Full-time annual employees who have served a full year (12 months) are entitled to one week vacation with pay.  After two full years of employment employees are entitled to two weeks vacation with pay; and, after five full years of employment, three weeks vacation with pay.  Vacation time may not accrue from one year to the next.  Vacation time needs to be authorized by the superintendent or superintendent’s designee.


Date Board Adopted 9/15/1986

Date Board Reviewed 2/21/2022



Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 1C; 4.1(34); 20.9.