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410.1 Substitute Teachers

The board recognizes the need for substitute teachers.  Substitute teachers shall be licensed to teach in Iowa.


It shall be the responsibility of the building principal to maintain a list of substitute teachers who may be called upon to replace regular contract licensed employees.  Individuals whose names do not appear on this list will not be employed as a substitute without specific approval of the superintendent.  It shall be the responsibility of the building principal to fill absences with substitute teachers immediately.


Properly certified substitutes shall be paid on a daily rate for their teaching services.  Such rate shall be set annually by the board at the time salary schedules are considered and established.  A substitute who serves in a specific assignment for a period in excess of twenty (20) consecutive teaching days shall be paid at one and a half times the board approved substitute daily rate after the twentieth consecutive day of substituting, and will be retroactive to the first day of the substitute period, but is not eligible for any benefits extended to full time employees.


Date Board Adopted 9/15/1986

Date Board Reviewed 2/21/2022


Legal Reference:          Iowa Association of School Boards v. PERB, 400 N.W.2d 571 (Iowa 1987).

                                    Iowa Code §§ 20.1, .4(5), .9; Ch.272 (2013).

                                    281 I.A.C. 12.4.