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504.5 Student Fundraising

The Denison Board of Education believes fundraising campaigns, including crowdfunding campaigns, may further the interests of the district. Students and/or employees may raise funds for school-sponsored events with the permission of the superintendent or designee. Any person or entity acting on behalf of the district and wishing to conduct a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the district shall begin the process by seeking prior approval from the superintendent or designee. Money or items raised by a fundraising campaign of any sort will be the property of the district, and will be used only in accordance with the terms for which they were given. Approval of requests shall depend on factors including, but not limited to:


• Compatibility with the district’s educational program, mission, vision, core values, and beliefs;

• Congruence with the district and school goals that positively impact student performance;

• The district’s instructional priorities;

• The manner in which donations are collected and distributed;

• Equity in funding; and

• Other factors deemed relevant or appropriate by the district.


If approved, the requestor shall be responsible for preparing all materials and information related to the fundraising campaign and keeping district administration apprised of the status of the campaign. The requestor is responsible for compliance with all state and federal laws and other relevant district policies and procedures. All items and money generated are subject to the same controls and regulations as other district property and shall be deposited or inventoried accordingly. No money raised or items purchased shall be distributed to individual employees. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with school administration, to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.


Date Board Approved: 1/20/2003

Date Board Updated/Reviewed: 3/21/2022


Legal Reference:          Senior Class of Pekin High School v. Tharp, 154 N.W.2d 874 (Iowa 1967).

                                    Iowa Code § 279.8 (2013).