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905.1R1 Community Use of School District Facilities & Equipment Regulation


(1) Use of tobacco/nicotine on school property shall not be allowed, including in private vehicles.

(2) There shall be no alcoholic liquors or beverages brought to or consumed in the building or on the grounds.

(3) When a school building is being used, cleaning will be performed by school employees assisted by a committee from the outside group.  Labor for such work will be charged to the group through the fee charged for building use.  When additional custodial and supervisory personnel are needed for setup, cleanup, supervision, etc., an additional charge per hour may be added to defray such expenses.

(4) Personnel assigned to supervise a building for non-school activities may be requested to perform special school jobs if activities of the non-school groups do not require their attention. 

(5) Applications for the use of school facilities should be made through the activities director, superintendent or their designee.  All users are required to sign a rental agreement.

 (6) All groups using school facilities must have responsible adult supervision present at all times to assure proper care and use of school property.  A principal or qualified responsible school employee on paid or volunteer status must be in attendance to unlock, supervise and re-lock the facility each time it is used for non-school purposes.  Supervisors must be present during the duration of the activity.  Exceptions to this policy must be written on the rental contract.

(7) The school may request damage deposits.  All damages to school property shall be repaired and billed to the sponsoring individual or organization.

(8) Users are responsible for the facilities and are responsible for any breakage or damage that occurs.  Users are responsible for the proper control of activities and persons using school facilities and equipment so that all safety factors are observed.  Users are responsible for the correction of minor and easily correctable safety factors and are asked to report all others immediately or on the next working day, as warranted, to the principal.

(9) Users agree to hold the district harmless from any and all liability arising out of the user’s negligence or omissions while using the school facilities or equipment.

(10) Business, non-profit and/or for-profit groups and individuals may be required to furnish a certificate of liability insurance prior to the execution of the rental contract.

(11) School buildings and grounds will be available only during the time listed on the contract.  Likewise, only those buildings and grounds listed on the contract will be available, and activities should be confined to the stated area.

(12) The serving of food in school buildings by a commercial caterer is permitted, but must be first approved by the business office and stated in the rental contract.  If school kitchen facilities or equipment are to be used, appropriate food service personnel of the school will be present at all times.   The wages of such personnel shall be part of the fees charged for the use of the facility.

(13) The school reserves the right to adopt and enforce additional rules and regulations as may be deemed appropriate in individual cases.

(14) All persons participating in physical education or athletic activities will wear approved gymnasium shoes.  Food and drinks will be permitted in designated areas only.

(15) Moving and adjusting scenery, securing lighting effects, operating the public address system, and similar matters will be accomplished under the direction of a designated school employee.

(16) All properties not belonging to the school are to be removed after the last performance or the day after use of school facilities.


Date Board Adopted: 7/13/1992

Date Board Updated/Reviewed: 2/21/2018