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601.2 School Day

The school day consists of the schedule of class instruction and class activities as established and sponsored by the school district.  Time during which students are released from school for parent/teacher conferences may be counted as part of the student’s instructional time.  The minimum school day or hours shall meet the requirements as established for the operation of accredited schools. 


The school day for kindergarten shall comply with the standards set forth by the Iowa Code.  The school day shall consist of a schedule as recommended by the superintendent and approved by the board.


When the school is forced to close, due to weather or other emergencies, that part of the day during which school was in session will constitute a school day if using a day format approved by the board for the school calendar, otherwise 1,080 hours of total instructional time must be met annually. 


It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to inform the board of the status of this policy during the school year.


Date Board Adopted: 7/13/1992

Date Board Updated/Reviewed: 12/18/2017


Legal Reference:          Iowa Code § 256.7, 279.8, .10 (2013).

            281 I.A.C. 12.1(1), .1(7-10).